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I'm passionate about helping fellow actors unlock their full potential. In service of this, I offer personalized coaching sessions customized for each actor's specific needs. Specialty areas include:



Audition preparation 


Character study 


Monologue selection and preparation 




Type assessment 



What my clients are saying

" Cammerron is a master when it comes to coaching. He approaches his training from an actor, director and casting agent's perspective. On multiple occasions, Cammeron has supplied me with advice and direction that turned my monologues into something great. He starts from the artist themselves and works from there. That is hard trait to find in a coach. I highly recommend his services."


-Alexis Park, character study & audition preparation 

" Cammerron is a very knowledgable and efficient coach. He is able to pinpoint exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are as an actor, as well as provide understandable advice on how to improve. Each session is custom made just for you. After meeting I felt 100% prepared for my audition. I've never been so comfortable in a coaching session; it was full of discoveries. Really an incredible asset and I will be going back"


-Emily Song Tyler, audition preparation

"Cammerron is seriously a magic worker when it comes to making an audition, monologue or full-on character for a show come to life from WITHIN you. He asks all the right questions to make sure you're thinking about exactly where your character is, what the emotional base you need to be tapping into is, and helps get you into the right mindset to portray the character and story in a mature, honest and SMART way...


...he recognizes the talent you do have and caters his direction of you to that so he can tap into your true potential even further. Cammerron is gentle and subtle in his methods, but thanks to his directing background, he's incredibly effective in getting you beyond even what you expect of yourself."


-Mikael Short, character study 

"Cammerron is amazing! He is knowledgeable, personable, and incredibly professional. My confidence for an upcoming audition was at a 10%, and after having worked with him just a little, it shot up to 100%! There is nothing like working with someone who wants you to succeed and is willing to work with you and answer the strangest of questions."


-SarahBeth Graham, monologue selection and preparation 




"Cammerron doesn’t try to go backwards in time when he teaches. What I mean by that is he doesn’t go back after I finish a monologue and say, “You did this, this, and this wrong”. He asks me how I felt about how it went and then gives me a suggestion on how to approach it from a different angle the next time. This way the lesson is constantly moving forward and I don’t perform with the paralyzing inner dialogue thinking, “What did he think about that last line? Or that last gesture?”

He cares about how I, as a performer, feel about my work. Which is the best way to make it bold and honest. Cammerron is so skilled at giving me ways to access my own emotions and ideas without telling me what to think or feel. Cammerron doesn’t tell you what to do, he gives you the tools to follow your own instincts."

-Chelsea Mortensen, audition preperation 

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