I am dedicated

to portraying the power of human intimacy in an elegant and impactful manner, that evokes a sense of true story immersion and an authentic connection to the characters' emotions: their triumphs, struggles, pain, and joy. 


I'm passionate about exploring dynamic relationships and the impact that intimacy and love have on the psyche. As our interactions with others shape our lives and ultimately our hearts, exploring these experiences through theatre has the ability to elicit a visceral reaction with audiences from all walks of life.


My ultimate artistic goal is to bring each script to life with tasteful stage direction, powerful blocking and expressive talent, while extracting and amplifying the elements of relatability that convey humans' intrinsic interconnectivity. 



The Housewives of Secaucus:
What a Drag

Playing Carla Cavetelli

Martini-fueled hair-pulling! Snarky and passive aggressive side comments! Sex scandals! Hats! What more could you possibly ask from an evening of indulging in a live version of the shows you love to hate?

Much more, it seems. And Housewives of Secaucus delivers.

Amidst the trappings of a classic Real Housewives-style reality show is a story about women putting aside their differences and various beefs to come together to create change. The “HOS” have taken the empty pettiness of reality TV and infused it with heart and hope (and some solid 1980s girl-power anthems) to create a show that is more than its surface appeal.

Opens May 1st - Open Ended Run
Saturday's @8pm and Sunday's @ 2pm and 7pm

Actor's Temple Theatre


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