"Maximalista, written by a female playwright, makes for a more organic but no less direct depiction... and it’s even more refreshing that the piece has a male director who paints the situations and characters in a zesty yet also smart and sympathetic light. "

-Jed Ryan, HuffPost

Hal and His Atomic Ray Gun

"Director Cammerron Baits built dynamic tension and ironic humor into the performances thus deftly keeping the piece moving. One can only imagine what this promising director might do with a fuller script. 

-Natasha Dawsen, Outer-Stage

"A haunting revelation slowly creeps up upon the audience...thanks to Rushing’s well-crafted script and Baits’ carefully paced direction, reality hits the characters and the audience with the impact of an asteroid.


Hal and His Atomic Ray Gun is proof that expert writing, direction, and acting can make a

lasting mark on the stage, regardless of the length of the piece.

-Jed Ryan, Lavender After Dark