A Charlie Brown Christmas

Through the help of his friends Charlie Brown sets out to find the true meaning of Christans

Woodstock Playhouse

Woodstock, NY

A Midsummer Night's Dream

The Shakespearean classic story of four lovers, the loss of identity, mischief, and chasing after what you want

August 2017 

Roebuch Theater 

New York, NY

Adonis Memories 

An immersive play about finding love in a time where cruising was the only real way to meet people in the LGBT community.

In Our Words

New York, NY

Spring Awakening

The play that inspired the renowned musical; a coming of age experience for a group of teenagers in an over-protective society.


Roebuch Theater

New York, NY

The Feast of Jovi Bono

An artist, a single mother, and an activist, Jovi tries to do it all after recovering from a drug-filled past that still links her to her ex, her daughter's father.  She strives to bring hope to the addiction-addled community that she has been grateful to get out of herself.

Manhattan Repertory Theater 

New York, NY

Making Porn: A Comedy

After well-received Off-Broadway run, this comedic show with a dark twist made its way to San Diego's renowned LGBT-centric equity house, the Diversionary Theatre. This shows is about the gay porn industry and the world behind the scenes

Diversionary Theatre 

San Diego, CA

Shakespeare and the Courtesan

This historical fiction follows Shakespeare's travels through Italy, surrealistically juxtaposed against scenes of his life in England, his plays, poetry, betrayal, murder, love, passion and romance in a potpourri of fact, fiction and fantasy.

Physics Theater 

New York, NY

Yosef: A Musical


Dance Captain

An adaptation of the Biblical story of Josef the son of Jacob, with music by Israeli recording artist Gad Elbaz. Cammerron can be found singing on the original cast recording

Master Theater 

New York, NY

My Backyard

A chaotic abstract comedy about a neighborhood so caught up with their own issues, they don't see the larger ones in their own backyard until it's too late.


Hudson Guild Theater

New York, NY

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